Also known as Dua Within the Atlantean Technology From the Toltecs

The actual Atlanteans accustomed to think that it was the short-term phase, this particular Planet. These people thought they originated from Mars. Prior to which, these were through which earth which was ruined which accustomed to can be found in between Jupiter as well as Mars, that remaining those asteroids. Each time these people depart the earth, these people ruin this, similar to the egg cell is actually ruined once the chicken comes into the world.

The actual Atlanteans created associated with development on the planetary size, not really on the human being size. To achieve planetary awareness had been 1 phase associated with development. To achieve stellar awareness had been actually greater. So that they held attempting. Exactly what these people stated once they discussed their very own background had been they originated from Mars which Mars had been the unsuccessful test. These people attempted to complete some thing presently there plus they ruined Mars along the way associated with getting a method of obtaining right here, towards the Planet.

These people known as the actual migrants through Mars Lemurians. The actual Atlanteans stated these people originated from the actual Lemurians. The actual Atlanteans had been a greater competition compared to all of us, the actual people associated with these days. These people really experienced 7 various backrounds however with each other these were a greater competition compared to we’re. Whenever the majority of the additional humanoids that strolled erect such as people perform spread with the planet, the actual Atlanteans considered most of us because absolutely no much better than wise monkeys. That?s what we should had been.

These people believed their own job had been in order to learn how to get away this particular earth as well as proceed nearer to the sun’s rays. Ultimately they’d to locate a method to achieve the actual photo voltaic world as well as reside presently there. A person can?t do this with this particular entire body, not really the actual astral entire body. You’ll need greater physiques to achieve that. The actual Atlanteans had been seeking to proceed through right here in order to Venus, ultimately through presently there towards the Sunlight, whenever some thing proceeded to go incorrect. The actual Atlanteans had been ruined.

If you feel when it comes to intensifying development and that’s your own chart, the following phase through here’s Venus. Exactly what appears at the rear of Venus may be the Photo voltaic Becoming, exactly what the actual Greeks known as the actual Telos, the best finish or even strive for development. The actual Atlanteans considered this since the Sunlight. After that how you can the actual Sun?Venus?shares about the character of this greatest finish.

Venus may be the Early morning Celebrity. The thing is this earlier each morning and also you view it past due through the night. Obviously, it?s not really a celebrity; it?s the earth, however it hovers between the actual gentle and also the night. This is available within the areas between. The actual Early morning Celebrity may be the bringer associated with gentle, the main one that announces the actual arriving from the Sunlight, the actual messenger. Although it holds true which, within Ancient greek fantasy, Mercury may be the messenger, Venus may be the light-bringer. Within Religious customs, Venus is actually Lucifer, the actual demon, Christ, as well as ladies as well as their own illnesses.

All of us observe Venus like a earth. Other people have experienced this like a celebrity, incorrectly. However the Atlanteans view it included in evolutionary technology. The actual technology from the Atlanteans includes a telos, the path. All of us required to produce technologies to be able to make this happen goal, which designed likely to Venus and finally likely to the sun’s rays.

Atlantis had been simply a number of little island destinations, and also the Atlanteans experienced their own caste program, their own governmental program, their own priests, as well as their own traditions. These people held all that in order to on their own upon individuals small island destinations. Almost every other beast on the planet, such as all of us, these people noticed because pretty much just like all of us observe the rest of the creatures as well as varieties. These people noticed all of us because creatures they experienced much better depart on it’s own simply because all of us had been way too chaotic. After that Atlantis had been ruined and also the Atlanteans experienced to visit various locations in order to endure which disaster. These people combined with everybody else, therefore Atlanteans like a competition vanished. Their own understanding, nevertheless, is actually believed to happen to be offered.

Among the stuff that had been offered had been the material known as the actual Sro. It’s a bodily material along with lively qualities. It’s power is much like which from the Sun?come as well near as well as you?ll obtain sunburned. The actual contact with it may possess huge advantage within alter. The actual Sro may be the photo voltaic substance which links this particular globe towards the Sunlight.

The actual Sro experiences various phases associated with processing. Therefore in the event that we?re searching for a real material, we?ll most likely think it is because something which we are able to phone materials or even strong just within the very first couple of amounts of processing. In the greater amounts we’d require the kind of technologies the actual Atlanteans experienced every single child think about this when it comes to bodily. Sro, incidentally, is actually exactly what later on within Sanskrit involves end up being referred to as Sri?”Holy. inch Sri is among the game titles directed at a few Indian native holy males.

The actual Atlanteans experienced the stating nevertheless a person possibly use the actual Sro or even a person work with the actual Sro. Plus they noticed dealing with the actual Sro since the reduce degree of technologies; employed by the actual Sro had been a greater degree of function. It might be much like stating that you’re whether specialist that works together with technologies (you understand how to restore points; a person understand how to help to make things) or even you’re the scientist that research the actual concepts associated with points.

The actual Sro in a single associated with it’s types, right now known as Also known as Dua, is actually that which was held in existence via a family tree which later on gets the Toltec collection. At first these were merely phoning this “power. inch Also known as Dua isn’t the actual Sro by itself; it?s the kind from it that has particular vibrational characteristics. Also known as Dua is really a bodily material, and that’s why the procedure associated with endowing somebody by using it is known as the tranny. Therefore the power whenever that you simply really feel whenever this type of individual “sends” Also known as Dua originates from Also known as Dua, however isn’t by itself Also known as Dua. Instead, it?s a power area which hails from Also known as Dua. It?s such as the magnetic. The actual magnetic is really a bodily point, however that which you feel emanating through that’s a permanent magnetic area, not really the actual magnetic by itself.

The actual Also known as Dua functions since the driver inside a particular electrochemical procedure. In other words, the actual Also known as Dua?s existence can make the transformative response occur underneath the correct problems, however it by itself is actually the same via which procedure as well as continues to be after. With this transformative procedure, the actual body?s damaging reverberations tend to be burnt and also the lively area is actually created.

Damaging reverberations tend to be unwilled, other than conscious vibrations inside the entire body that always show itself since the reduce feelings, other than conscious actions, chattering ideas, and so forth. The actual lovemaking power, that is the common energy supply, may be the energy which additionally emits these types of damaging (unwilled) reverberations because gases towards the degree that people aren’t able to immediate the actual lovemaking power consciously and also to funnel this successfully. Interest may be the fireplace which uses up these types of gases, these types of damaging reverberations. Right here as well, once we tend to be, the interest isn’t generally below the mindful manage however is actually drawn as well as spread through exterior stimuli.

Whenever Also known as Dua exists, the actual consciously aimed interest changes the actual body?s damaging reverberations right into a effective area of one’s that may be experienced through other people. The procedure associated with ?sending Also known as Dua? is actually therefore fairly misleadingly called. The actual Also known as Dua healer or even employee guides the interest consciously towards the recipient as well as starts him or her or even himself in order to lively suggestions in the recipient, therefore making a dynamic group or even signal. The interest uses up his / her damaging reverberations which burning up creates the byproduct within the existence from the Also known as Dua. Which byproduct is actually what’s experienced since the power area. To ensure that power area that’s created whenever “sending Also known as Dua” isn’t by itself the actual Also known as Dua however will emanate in the Also known as Dua as well as partakes associated with it’s particular photo voltaic vibrational characteristics.

This particular utilization of the interest to produce a suggestions cycle within the blood circulation of one’s is actually exactly what I’ve somewhere else known as The actual Transformational Signal “The Transformational Signal. inch

The actual Also known as Dua material will be present in the actual earliest Silk rituals. You will discover this within a few of the solution Templar rituals, within a few of the rites from the Magi?the magicians. A number of them contain it just through title; other people possess the real power by using it.

We obtained the actual Also known as Dua material from the collection from the Toltecs, from the priestly type of religious instructors that may find their own family tree to Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl as well as through presently there to the actual Atlanteans. It?s not really the only real collection on the planet however it?s the main one the actual Also known as Dua is actually attached to.

Through: Koyote the actual Sightless

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Koyote the actual Sightless is definitely an Hablador (Master Storyteller) within the ninth hundred years Toltec custom. He’s additionally the main one accountable for getting the actual Also known as Dua towards the open public within the Traditional western Hemisphere. The actual Tequihua Basis offers attemptedto aid him or her with this job. world wide web. tequihuafoundation. org

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